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Countdown to our Sept General Mtg


Up-Coming Meetings

August 20th, 10:00am, - SMVGS Board Meeting in-person or via Zoom.

                Send email to for location details.

  1. September 4th, 10:00am, we’re invited to join SLOCGS’s general meeting via

                 Zoom. Contact to request the link. Go to

        for more info about their September program.

  1. September 16th, 2:15pm, General Meeting, at the SM Family History

               Center, 908 Sierra Madre, SM, CA. Cindy Ransick from the SM  

               Valley Historical Society Museum will be our speaker!

Current Newsletter

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SMVGS Mission Statement:

  1. 1)To locate, preserve, and index public and private genealogical records and to make those records available to the public;

  2. 2)To provide education in, and encourage the practice of, genealogical research using the standards defined by the Board for Certification of Genealogists;

3) To bring together individuals who are conducting genealogical research and to promote fellowship and cooperation among them.